Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Against the world.

So.. today in the mail I received a "flyer" per-say about the Seal Hunt. It is a completely biased review of Loyola Hearn's view's. It states "The seal hunt plays an important role in the fisheries management. That's why it is so shocking that so-called environmentalists are trying to profit by tearing the hunt down. Seals are not endangered and there is evidence that they contribute to the depletion of fish stocks. The Canadian seal hunt is a sustainable, economically viable activity based on sound conservation principles. Why won't the rich foreign celebrities and radical protest groups mention these facts? Either they are ignorant of the truth or they are ashamed of it. It's about time this debatestopped being about money and attention and started focusing on the real issues and the facts. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government are proud to stand with the Newfoundlanders and Labradorians as we work together to protect the seal hunt and preserve the vital natural resource for generations to come." There is also a ballot of sorts where you choose between Prime Minister Harper, or "foreign celebrities and radical special interest groups." When I first read this I was shocked and appalled. This is today not 500 years ago, Shouldn't we move on and let the traditions of the seal hunt become a memory rather than a genocide. Sure, seals aren't endangered ... now. If the hunt continues like this what is to become of the them. Last time I checked the only things to benefit off of the celebrities and groups are the seal's. There are non-profit organizations. Also, it is pretty bad when they have "debate stopped" as one word. No, that was not my typo, it was theirs. You can't send out something so serious and controversial and miss spell words. I'm sorry. It just doesn't cut it for me. Even if they had made every correct grammar and punctuation, spelling, etc. I would still feel the same about it. I have said it before and I will say it again it's not right, and if Loyola Hearn and Prime Minister Harper, are going to stand behind such murderous behavior then I am against my own government. Also, apparently the world.