Monday, March 17, 2008

The Balls On That One

I know im not an american or anything but if i was i want to tell you my views on the upcoming election between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Even though one of Barack’s followers in this presidential campaign leeked information that he is secretly not planning on making any of the changes that he has stated in his speechs. Even though his campaigning skills are "limited" in my opinon, i would still vote for him over Hilary Clinton anyday. Why you ask ? seems silly i know. I would rather vote for him then Hilary. Her entire focus is put on putting down Barack Obama. She thinks that its in the bag. She believes she is going to be president. Even if her husband was a lame half-ass leader, we should still give her a chance right ? Nah. she doesnt give a "hoot" about her compaign at allll. Her speechs are weak unreasearched, unstructred and poorly rehearsed. She even offered her opponent (who is in the lead) to a vice president job. like ? The balls on that one, sickens me. :P

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