Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Completely Agree

Also today, I received the same type of ballot check-list. Only this time it was about "Helping Seniors." On the back it says: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government are lowering the taxes that seniors pay. We have introduced targeted tax relief that will help the fixed income of our retired couples, pension income splitting will help save even more. It's about time that seniors had more financial security in their retirement years. This targeted tax relief is about more that just dollars and cents, it is also about peace of mind. Seniors have worked hard to build this country for all of us to enjoy. They deserve to enjoy more of what they have earned."

This one I completely agree too. Its different to agree with my Government on this matter because I am against them in so many other ways. Alas, I still feel the need to post this in order to fill-in anyone who didn't get the flyer and are curious about its contents.

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Anonymous said...

Never believe anything the government tells you. Conservative 'tax breaks' usually coincide with cuts in funding for government services such as healthcare, education, social welfare, and so on. Stephen Harper doesn't give a rat$a$$ about seniors; this is just spin to get votes.
Healthcare and education are horribly underfunded. Is this 'tax break' for seniors backed up with a tax hike for the rich? I doubt it.