Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Games = Seal Love?

Animal rights activist, P.E.T.A member, actress... sound familiar? Pamela Anderson has written a letter to Prime Minister Harper with over 50 thousand signatures in efforts to stop the 2010 Seal Hunt for breeding purposes.

Dear Prime Minister:

In light of Environment Canada’s recent data showing ice levels in the Gulf of St. Lawrence at a 30-year low, please grant a last-minute reprieve to the few seals who are able to give birth there and immediately call off Canada’s 2010 harp seal slaughter.

The absence of this birthing habitat will have dangerous consequences for the entire harp-seal population. Without ice, mother seals will be forced to abort their pups in the water.

I ask that you heed your government’s data and call off this year’s commercial seal slaughter in light of this unprecedented environmental situation. My friends at PETA and I look forward to hearing from you on this important matter. I can be reached via



Pamela Anderson

She is also quoted saying the hunt " an embarrassment to Canada.." and "..the whole world is watching Canada.."

I agree that everyone is watching Canada at the Olympics but I doubt that anybody has the Seal Hunt on their mind. Its a hard subject to bring up and there are so many different views, "They are so cute don't kill them" "The seals are overpopulated" "They are eating all of our fish.." but what one is right what argument is truly in the best interests of everyone. As for Prime Minister Harper, the chances of him actually doing anything regarding any situation are slim to none. While I would like to think that 50thousand signatures would make a difference it doesn't, and because shes a celebrity it will stop it?

She personally dropped the letter off at a mailbox in front of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Office in Vancouver. I hope this letter reached the right people and they will stop the Seal Hunt at least for a little while so they can bred.

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