Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brave or Stupid

Hello , I felt the need to write about the poor seals. Some people can make a good argument about how the seals are over-populated and that we would be doing "good" by taking their lives. Well excuse me. Um ... sorry but, who gave you murderers the right to play god. To take another mammals life absolutely sickens me to my very core. Thank-you Paul Mcartney, for taking a stand to the violence. I thought that maybe a "celebrity" *cough* *cough* could make an impact on this generation. No. The reaction of this province was questionable. Everybody was like "We are just trying to make a living.." and "..god put it here for us to eat.." and all I can say is, what in the hell is wrong with todays society. Like really, there is a lot more things for you to consume you cannibalistic carnivores. Another thing there is a lot more jobs out there that im sure pay a lot more then being a seal-clubber. Also how could anybody have the heart to do that to a little baby seal. I'm not sure I want these kind of people around me if they can be so heartless and cruel. Oh and another thing, apparently somebody named Captain Paul Watson announced the following "They say it's part of their culture," said Captain Watson who himself grew up in an Eastern fishing village in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. "It's a culture based on the cruel clubbing of baby seals for a few weeks each year and drinking Canadian Club and beer the rest of the year. It's a culture that any Maritimer with half a brain abandoned generations ago." When i first read this I wasn't sure whether to be shocked at his bravery or insulted. Myself, being a maritimer take great pride in my heritage and MOST of the Newfoundland & Labrador traditions. I do see where he is coming from but he is a Newfoundlander how can he say that about his home? That is just adding to the stereotypes that we are stupid , and big drinkers. Although I get it, i can full heartily honestly saw that he took it a tad bit to far. I do really appreciate that he took the "time" and the "effort" (not that i have any idea who this geezer is) and did actually make at least one valid point, that It's not right. The way he went about insulting maritimer's was a little misguided but in the end he said what he had to say and I commend him fully. So, i wish the seal hunt would stop. For good.

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