Saturday, March 22, 2008

Symbolism Help Me Out Here

I fought my urge to be a non-religious person and went to church on passover Friday. While i sat there waiting for the service to begin i looked around and noticed that the majority of the people there were elderly folk. Just my luck, being stuck in a church with a bunch of old wind-bags who think that everything is about Jebus. So, about an exaggerated hour later they began to start. The priest or whatever, started to read some things from the bible. Twenty years later i actually started to be a little bit attentive and realized what he is saying. Things such as "..Jesus died for you.." and "... your sins.. blah blah blah" im like oh my god will this day never end. (pun) The a bunch of chicks and dudes started to sing plasm's and hymns and the like. I was praying (nawt) that the service would hurry up and be over with so that i can get my hot cross buns and tea , just kidding. Well, not really lol. So then i got to thinking... ( i know, dangerous) about what easter was really about. Seriously, what is the connection between the easter bunny and Jesus. Um, symbolism help me out here. Why the rabbit? Bunny's don't even lay eggs, hens do. Why in the world would a imaginatory being want to prance around decorating a chick baby and hide it around a house. It makes absolutely zero sense to me, at all.

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